Having great customer service is very important. This is a no-brainer, or at least it should be, but a lot of entrepreneurs still find it hard to establish it as a top priority.


The fact is, the success of a small business can depend on customer satisfaction and it all starts with excellent customer service. The question is, how can you please your customers and inspire their loyalty through excellent customer support?


The Loyal Customer

Some businesses take loyal customers for granted. They do not realize how important loyalty is to their success. Compared to other customers, loyal customers have a higher average spend so they contribute to sales and revenue. Loyal customers often become brand advocates.

Loyal customers have tried your products and are completely satisfied with them. After many tries, they know that you are a reliable and trustworthy business. There is no need for you to convince them to buy or use your services.

They themselves will come back to experience the excellent service you’ve provided them. They might even recommend your services and products to their family, friends, or peers. Your loyal customers serve as your own personal advertiser.

Even further, a loyal customer, unlike new customers, doesn’t need long term dedicated support. The loyal customer already knows that you care for their needs. The focus can then move to nurturing a good relationship with them.


Aim for Loyalty Instead of Repetitive Sales

Every day, customers are making decisions about where to spend their money, time, and effort. Managing customer loyalty is very important as it is directly tied to your business’s profitability and revenue growth. Businesses try to convince customers to spend time, money, and effort with them by demonstrating superior value in their products and services.

If your customer keeps buying from you but is not completely loyal, what will happen when a competitor shows up? Customer loyalty is more than repetitive business. You must align your products and services with your customers’ beliefs, making them the best (or only) option for them.


Hopefully, now you see how important building and maintaining customer loyalty is. Start focusing on building loyalty instead of repetitive business, through quality products, great customer service, and an excellent buying experience. You will be on your way to getting a loyal following of customers!

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